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2013 User Conference – Fresh Insight from Real-world Experience - 11/28/2013

Around 100 participants attended the 6th FACTON User Conference on November 27, 2013 at the Hotel Le Méridien in Stuttgart. The motto for this year’s event was “Fresh Insight from Real-world Experience”. FACTON users, customers and consultants presented new and innovative ideas along with proven applications for FACTON software. “The aim of the FACTON User Conference is to offer our customers a platform to share their thoughts and personal experience with the FACTON team and other users on a regular basis,” commented Christoph Müller, FACTON Managing Director of the Professional Services division and moderator of the User Conference. His management colleague Axel Weese, Managing Director Sales & Marketing, added: The best ideas for improvements and enhancements usually come from speaking directly with other users and experts. This is good for our customers and for our company, too.”

The first presentation was held by Alexander M. Swoboda, who completes the management team at FACTON as the Managing Director of the Strategy, Finance and HR divisions. He discussed trends and developments in product cost management to introduce attendees to the topic of the day. “When I talk to most people about cost management they usually all have a different understanding of the topic and often only speak about certain areas. But the full significance of this topic can only be seen if you look at cost management in its entirety. We want to help participants look at this from every angle,” said Swoboda, explaining the aim of his presentation.

His lecture was followed by Stephan Tepper, Head of Business Process Controlling at WEIDMANN PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY AG, who spoke about the current situation in Switzerland as a high-wage country and the special challenges suppliers have to face there. He also used a real-world example of how integrating FACTON enhances performance and transparency and ultimately the decision-making process at the company.

The User Conference continued with FACTON consultants presenting selected software features and interfaces in the course of the event such as location simulation and process costing using FACTON. Another key issue was the expansion of the portfolio to include benchmark data content, which will now be available to FACTON users. This year’s User Conference ended with an outlook on future product developments. Version 6.3 was just released with a number of enhancements, including new options for importing from Excel and optimized search and grouping functions.

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FACTON 6.3: Faster data entry, better overview - 11/18/2013

FACTON Version 6.3 out now / New import functions / Project Cockpit for a better overview and faster access to information / Practical search and grouping functions

Potsdam, November 18, 2013 FACTON is now available in Version 6.3, which adds even more functionality to the already powerful and very successful costing software. Some of the most important advances include the new options for importing from Excel: Now operations can be directly imported into FACTON together with the required BOMs. This automatic transfer process not only eliminates errors associated with manual entry, it also makes it easier for those involved with the process planning (operation) to provide their extensive routing data in the defined costing structure. Those familiar with the cost estimate now have much faster access to the required data.

“The ability to prepare a cost estimate quickly is fundamental to gaining a competitive advantage – especially in the bidding stage – and can decide whether or not a contract is awarded,” says Dr. Rainer Zeifang, CTO at FACTON. “The latest version of FACTON speeds up the workflows for creating cost estimates and provides a much better, more user-friendly overview. You can’t submit a reliable offer unless you know exactly what it will cost to make your product.”

FACTON is specifically designed for large volumes of data to ensure that users always have a clear overview for their administrative tasks. Version 6.3 now features a Project Cockpit where all project settings and costing parameters can be presented, compared and even changed from a central location. These settings and parameters include surcharge and location data, investments, sales prices, exchange rates and project attributes. The clearly arranged presentation and new editing functions also facilitate plausibility checks for cost calculations.

And grouping related information by subject provides a better overview. Instead of searching through a long list to find the desired data, users can now access targeted information that belongs to a specific category. The search function has also been optimized. FACTON 6.3 offers practical search folders in which any number of frequently used searches can be saved. Complex queries with multiple search criteria are defined just once and can now be run with the click of a mouse.