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    Seven Reasons to Attend the Cost Smarter 2019

    30/10/2019, Author: Stefan Zorn

    Clear the stage for Enterprise Product Costing!

    On December 12, 2019 we will host the “Cost Smarter – the Conference for Enterprise Product Costing” event at our headquarters in Potsdam. Cost Smarter builds on our proven User Conference Europe, adding a powerful focus on Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) solutions. The event also covers trends like digitalization and electronics and their impact on cost management. We look forward to exchanging ideas with our customers and business partners. Representatives from interested companies, colleges and universities and the media are also invited.

    From our perspective there are seven compelling reasons to visit Cost Smarter 2019

    1. Trends that are shaping the industry

    As the role of electronics becomes more prominent how will this impact cost calculations? What are the advantages of increasing digitalization? System Plus’s presentation will outline the challenges of the growing electronics market. Our partner ORBIS is presenting a cloud-based application that supports the collaborative sales process and enables an app-based costing approval process. Hans-Peter Kleebinder is a renowned automotive industry expert who will be presenting his “SMART Mobility Manifesto 2030: ZERO Emissions. ZERO Accidents. ZERO Ownership”. We are also pleased to welcome him as our guest at the networking dinner on the eve of the event.

    2. Learn more about new FACTON EPC products

    We will be introducing three new EPC solutions at Cost Smarter.

    • WEBER-HYDRAULIK will deliver a user report on deploying the FACTON EPC Cost Model Designer to add value within the enterprise.
    • We will present the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator. The BSC enables users to quickly simulate what-if scenarios with real-time values and simultaneously review their impacts on key performance indicators.
    • Take advantage of the conference for an exclusive preview of the new FACTON EPC Cost Controlling solution.

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    3. Influence the development of new products

    Talk about new ideas and prototypes in the EPC Suite with the FACTON Product Management Team. Join the Think Tank to contribute your suggestions for new features and/or work with us to find ways to optimize the software for select use cases. This, for example, is how we came up with the idea for the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator, which will be presented publicly at this year’s Cost Smarter.

    4. Workshops on existing FACTON EPC solutions

    We learn right along with our customers and business partners and will be sharing this knowledge in three best practice sessions. The FACTON Consulting Team will be demonstrating our EPC solutions on site. Discover the advantages of enterprise-wide costing for purchasing, sales and development along with tips and tricks for real-world applications.

    5. Networking, networking, networking

    Cost Smarter thrives on a diverse program – it is a blend of inspiring presentations, lectures and workshops. But the conference also wouldn’t be complete without personal exchange – during breaks or get-togethers. This year we are inviting our guests to an exclusive networking dinner on the eve of the event and are opening the doors to our new offices on the Lake Jungfernsee campus for this. Visit the original location where the FACTON EPC Suite is made. Join us and other participants in a casual atmosphere. To make it as easy as possible for you to attend, we are organizing a shuttle from/to the conference hotel – so you can relax and enjoy the evening with good food and interesting conversation.

    6. Arrange your own personalized program

    The Cost Smarter program is designed with flexibility in mind: Following the first morning session, content is broken down into three different topic threads: 1) Global trends in Enterprise Product Costing 2) Product innovations 3) FACTON EPC solution best practices. You can decide on site which of the presentations you would like to attend. All of the participants will meet again in the afternoon.

    Media partner Cost Smarter 2019:

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    7. No participation fee

    Last but not least. There is no participation fee for the Cost Smarter event and the networking dinner on the eve of the event. There is no limit on the number of participants from a single company/organization. Anyone who would like to join FACTON’s efforts to further develop enterprise-wide product and project costing is welcome to attend.

    The entire FACTON team looks forward to seeing you at the Cost Smarter event. Benefit from a constructive exchange of knowledge and expertise, gain fresh in-sights into your business and share your know-how with a community that shares your focus: Product Costing!


    Photo of Stefan Zorn

    Stefan Zorn

    Director Product Management & Marketing | FACTON