The FACTON Academy

Comprehensive user training for FACTON EPC


The FACTON Academy offers a comprehensive introductory course to FACTON EPC costing software. Learn more about the structure and principles behind the program, and explore the functions and benefits of the software. For advanced and key users, FACTON has devised special training sessions that introduce them to installation and administration procedures, and the many valuable functions of the reporting tools. For further information on dates and prices please contact Ms. Sandra Decker.

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Sandra Decker
Management Assistant


Course Overviews


The FACTON basic course provides an introduction to the general functionalities of FACTON EPC costing software. The first session explains the general structure and functions of the costing software. Subsequently, participants have the opportunity to apply their new software skills by working through a number of sample scenarios. (Duration: 2 days)


By attending the FACTON advanced course, users with basic skills learn more about the general features of the software. The course explains advanced functions and features of the costing software using practical examples, while participants have ample time to practice their new skills. (Duration: 1 day) 


The report design course is specifically designed for those who work with the FACTON EPC reporting system of the FACTON EPC costing software. After a thorough introduction to the functions and features of the report designer (lists & labels), participants practice their new skills by creating a parts list report. In addition, they learn how to customize the existing standard reports and formats. (Duration: 1 day) 


The FACTON administrator training course introduces software administrators to the management of users, groups, and access rights in FACTON EPC. Participants learn how to create and configure new users and how to manage existing users and groups within the system. In addition, they are introduced to the rights management system, by working through a practical example. After attending the course, administrators will be able to manage FACTON EPC software at their company, and to make all the necessary changes with regard to rights and roles of their users. (Duration: 1 day) 


The update course covers everything that is new in the latest FACTON version. The course explains new functions of the software using practical examples.