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6th FACTON Congress | June 25, 2015 | Berlin, Germany


TOPIC: "Securing the future with proactive cost management."

Growing global competition and innovation pressure, the impact of the Ukraine crisis, disputes concerning public debt in Europe, fluctuating exchange rates – these are just a few of the challenges facing manufacturing companies in Europe. These events are compelling businesses to take action: Enterprise-wide transparency and proactive control of every relevant cost factor are absolutely essential to businesses. Updated on a daily basis if necessary. How businesses implement these requirements in practice, how they respond to challenges and prevent risks are the focal point of this year’s event


This event will welcome experts from the fields of industry and consulting, who will provide a variety of perspectives on the topic of modern cost management and discuss how future-oriented automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and high-tech enterprises will respond to the current challenges.


As a recognized industry expert, your presentation will enrich and enhance this event, offering our guests a unique perspective and a valuable basis for discussion.

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