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Calculate Product Costs Anywhere with FACTON EPC 8 Cost Management


The developers at Potsdam-based software manufacturer FACTON have integrated a practical offline function into the latest version of their proven product costing application FACTON EPC 8 Cost Management. Now it is possible to calculate, analyze and optimize product costs anywhere, independent of mobile or wireless networks. With this new capability, calculation results are presented and discussed on-site with customers and suppliers without an Internet connection.

Independence increases flexibility


In Version 8 of FACTON’s Cost Management solution, users can now work in offline mode – i.e. without an Internet or mobile connection – to calculate and present product costs anywhere. Users have access to the same range of technical features as in the online system. This makes it possible to transfer calculations from the online system to the offline system and work on these on a standalone basis. Master data used in the calculation such as purchased parts, machines and cost centers is automatically replicated. Projects created in the system are transferred to the offline system as a copy and the existing master data is automatically updated.


To ensure values remain as consistent as possible across online and offline projects, metadata such as the costing scheme and configurations is automatically transferred prior to switching to offline mode.


Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON GmbH, explains: “There are obvious advantages to an offline version; users can now take calculations with them when they want to present or edit them in customer or supplier workshops. In this way, calculation results can also be presented and discussed without an Internet connection.”

Updated user interface and user friendliness

FACTON updated the Cost Management user interface to make it more user-friendly by redesigning the application icons, which makes the program easier to navigate for users. The new graphical design makes the functionality more intuitive. FACTON EPC’s UI is familiar, with the look and feel of Microsoft Office products.

Other changes at a glance: 

  • Complete overhaul of the additional costs dialog to present important information without scrolling
  • Ability to evaluate additional processes in a dynamic entry field or in a table
  • Multiple additional processes can be edited simultaneously to significantly increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • Properties can be moved, shown or hidden in the table
  • Presentation of the calculated additional cost allocation over the entire project duration
  • The cost type “Unit costs” can now also be used for the allocation “after x parts”, making it possible to model the allocation of progressive dies and tools


The FACTON EPC 8 Cost Management solution is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of different company departments and divisions – from top management, controlling and production to development, purchasing and sales.