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DURA Automotive Systems Chooses FACTON to Automate Global Costing and Customer Quoting


FACTON, a leader in Enterprise Product Costing (EPC), today announced DURA Automotive Systems has selected FACTON EPC as the core technology solution to standardize costing and quoting across the enterprise.

DURA Automotive Systems, headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI, will deploy FACTON EPC Cost Management throughout the enterprise. As part of a global standardization strategy, DURA Automotive Systems will leverage FACTON EPC to unify all enterprise cost data into a single costing application to ensure all departments are working from the same data. The end result is accurate cost calculation of products, projects, customer cost estimates, and supplier costs which delivers a “single version of the truth” for Finance, Purchasing, Engineering, Sales and Executive Management.


DURA Automotive Systems selected FACTON based on the following criteria:

  • Speed of responding to customer quote requests
  • Accuracy of quoting information
  • Standardization of costing process around the various regions of the world


Kevin Grady, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at DURA Automotive Systems, explains: “I have been looking for a robust costing and quoting system like FACTON my entire career. After an extensive search to replace our Excel based-system, we selected FACTON to improve accuracy and efficiency in our quoting process. FACTON also supports our global IT strategy to standardize systems across the enterprise.”


“FACTON solutions help manufacturing companies transform the way they think about costing and delivers a platform for competitive advantage,” says FACTON President North America Ruediger Stern. “With a central database, all employees at all locations perform costing and quoting calculations based upon uniform data while applying standardized calculation and evaluation processes and methods. We welcome DURA Automotive Systems to our user community and look forward to working with them to ensure FACTON EPC meets the ever-changing demands of manufacturing. We are committed to building strong customer references with a relentless attention to customer satisfaction.”



The FACTON EPC Cost Management solution is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of company departments and divisions – from top management, controlling and production to development, purchasing and sales.