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FACTON achieves Gold Status in “Cloud Platform Competency” in the Microsoft Partner Network


Qualification, application use and customer benefits qualify FACTON for the preferred partner status after less than twelve months.

Software manufacturer FACTON has achieved Gold status in “Cloud Platform Competency” in the Microsoft Partner Network. Alongside “Application Development,” this is the second Gold competency FACTON has earned. Customers have been able to acquire FACTON’s EPC Suite as a SaaS option via the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure since 2016. As a Gold partner, FACTON can rely on technical support from Microsoft to help further enhance its flexible cloud services.

FACTON’s own positive experience led the company to offer its Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) Suite for enterprise-wide, standardized product cost management on Microsoft Azure in 2016. Now the Potsdam-based company has also achieved Gold Partner status in this competency. FACTON was able to meet all of the require-ments immediately: qualifications, application use and customer benefit.

Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON, is pleased with the company’s new status: “As a Gold Partner, we receive comprehensive support from Microsoft at a variety of levels. The collaborative marketing activities are a great way for us to grow our business. In-depth technical support from cloud specialists makes it easier for our developers to work with integrated Azure services such as the SQL database, elastic pools and app services. This benefits our customers because it gives them a high-performance EPC solution.”

Customers Benefit from Cloud Service

Using the FACTON EPC Suite in the cloud offers customers a wide range of benefits: 

  • Faster implementation ensures instant availability and prompt provisioning. 
  • Easy scalability helps promote future growth and enables enterprises to adapt the product flexibly to their business processes. 
  • Subscription-based use makes it easier to calculate and plan how the com-pany will run fixed costs.


From a technical perspective, the cloud version assures businesses that they always have the most modern and innovative software technology right at their fingertips. This reduces the risk of attacks and minimizes maintenance expenditure. Cloud-based software also offers savings potential, says Swoboda: “The SaaS option helps enterprises save on setting up and operating their own infrastructure. Moreover, our SaaS customers appreciate how flexible and easy to manage the solution is.” 


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