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FACTON EPC 6.4 Accelerates Cost Break Down


FACTON releases Version 6.4 / automated export of calculation results into external customer templates / easier variant management / expanded multilingual functionality

With Version 6.4, FACTON is introducing significant enhancements to its FACTON Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) software. Now, for the first time, it is possible to export calculation results directly to pre-saved offer templates. “Often our users need to submit proposals in formats designated by their customers, such as Excel templates,” understands Rainer Zeifang, VP Research & Development at FACTON. “The data in the new Version 6.4 is automatically transferred from the internal calculation to the external template. This not only saves valuable time in the proposal process, it is also much more accurate than error-prone manual entry.” To take advantage of this enhancement, FACTON first implements the corresponding templates. This greatly simplifies the user experience: Once the quotation calculation has been drafted, users can immediately select the desired export template via the menu. When the pre-saved form is automatically completed, it can be submitted to customers without any further modifications. All of the template’s macros remain intact.

Moreover, there is a practical extension that consolidates projects into multi-projects: All of the calculations contained in a multi-project can now be updated via FACTON’s mass data administration feature. This makes it possible to simultaneously adjust and save calculations in cases where customers wish to change quantities or other basic data, for instance.

Variant management also offers new features. Among other things, “configuration matrix” handling has improved: It includes a maximum bill of materials that can be used to quickly build BOMs from similar variants. Until now, changes to parts in the maximum bill of materials resulted in across-the-board updates to them in all of the variants. Now FACTON EPC 6.4 allows users to selectively change parts that are not present in every variant. This means that the corresponding change is only accepted in the variant BOM if a reference quantity is stored for the part. The display and filter function has also been optimized: Now it is not only possible to display variants side by side; they can also be shown or hidden individually. If desired, updates only affect visible variants. “We developed these enhancements with the help of feedback from our customers,” underscores Zeifang.

There are two important new features for global corporations: FACTON EPC 6.4 lets users instantly determine whether a property can be edited in multiple languages. All of the available languages can be selected from a drop-down menu. If a country language is not available, users can switch to the corporate language. Each company can individually set its own corporate language. The second new feature involves reporting, which now offers a summary of the currency share for improved currency risk analysis.


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