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FACTON Introduces Should Costing SaaS Solution in the Cloud


FACTON EPC Should Costing customers now have the option of operating their server infrastructure in the cloud.

FACTON’s Should Costing Cloud allows enterprises of all sizes to quickly deploy the solution in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment.  Benefits of the cloud offering include the immediate availability, rapid deployment, and scalability of the FACTON EPC Should Costing solution.  It is easy to calculate the monthly fixed costs as a service and users always have access to the latest and most up-to-date software technology via the cloud. This greatly reduces maintenance expense and infrastructure costs for upgrades.


FACTON’s Should Costing Cloud also makes everyday tasks easier for users without the need to change established and familiar workflows.  Full integration in the corporate network enables users to work with FACTON EPC via single sign-on. IT administrators work in the same administrative environment and continue to administer users in the company’s directory service as usual.  Integrated offline capability is still available in the cloud, which is an important feature for employees who work from remote locations and need both online and offline capabilities.


Runs on Microsoft Azure


The EPC Should Costing SaaS solution runs on Azure. “There are a number of reasons why we prefer to use Azure,” said Alexander Swoboda, CEO at FACTON. “For one, we’ve had good experiences using it intensively as part of our own development and quality assurance activities and for training with the Microsoft solution. We – and the same is true for our customers – also benefit from the major budget savings because there are no expensive investments in setting up and operating new infrastructures. Another factor is that the solution from Microsoft meets the highest demands for data security. This is something we must offer our customers.”


“We are happy to welcome FACTON to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. FACTON uses built-in Azure services such as SQL Database, Elastic Pools and App Services and now offers a cloud solution that takes enterprise-wide product cost management to a whole new level. We are very pleased to support FACTON in the delivery of their SaaS offering to their customers.” - Daniel Heckmann, Azure Business Development Manager at Microsoft.


Pricing and availability


Enterprises will be able to switch to the cloud starting early August. Just like the on-premises version, pricing is based on the scope of the required modules and number of licenses. The Should Costing solution in the cloud is designed for enterprises of all sizes.