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FACTON launches new software solution: FACTON EPC Should Costing


Simple and precise purchased part price analyses/Independent benchmark data/Rapid implementation

Potsdam, April 5, 2016 – FACTON GmbH is introducing a new solution – FACTON EPC Should Costing – as part of its FACTON Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) Suite. “It was important to us to give purchasing a tool that it can use to quickly, transparently and above all understandably create purchased part price analyses. FACTON EPC Should Costing provides purchasing departments with transparent, valid price information and cost analyses that are understandable even if users don’t have a detailed technical background. Our solution has already been successfully implemented globally at a US automotive manufacturer,” says Alex M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON GmbH.


Precise information about purchased part prices

FACTON EPC Should Costing gives purchasing agents the data they need to successfully implement their purchasing strategies: The detailed purchased part price analyses deliver reliable cost information and thus provide a solid basis for negotiations with suppliers.  Users can quickly calculate the scope of purchased parts based on integrated external benchmark data and compare this to predefined target costs. Measures to cut costs or to meet the set cost target in general can easily be defined, evaluated using costing parameters and tracked. Overhead rates are presented in a transparent way and are thus available for use in price negotiations.


Rapid implementation and intuitive user interface

The standard version of the software is designed for rapid implementation. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users can begin to take advantage of the functionality after only a short period of training. FACTON EPC’s UI is familiar, with buttons like the ones used in Microsoft Office products.


Modern platform with a highly scalable client-server infrastructure

EPC Should Costing is a new solution based on the FACTON EPC platform. This provides a highly scalable client-server infrastructure that ensures users are distributed evenly across the available application servers and thus receive the maximum possible computing and transmission capabilities. Efficient communication protocols enable users to access the system even via low-bandwidth network connections. The architecture patterns used ensure that clients are offline-capable and that servers can be operated both in the cloud and on-premises.



The FACTON EPC Should Costing solution is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of different company departments and divisions – from top management, controlling and production to development, purchasing and sales.