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FACTON Launches Version 9 of its Cost Management Solution


FACTON has launched Version 9 of its EPC Cost Management solution - the new features were developed in close collaboration with its loyal customer base. It is now simple to change the project currency, which also makes it easy to cost existing projects on a global basis. In addition, project structures can be compared against each other to increase efficiency and provide management with critical information for decision making.

The software manufacturer FACTON has launched Version 9 of its proven Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) solution, FACTON EPC Cost Management. “Our solution has supported the manufacturing industry in successfully optimizing product costs for close to 20 years now. Throughout the years, we have continuously added to and improved the software. We are always moving forward. But you can only be successful if you consistently take an open-minded approach to market demands,” explains FACTON North America President Ruediger Stern. “We developed the new features in the FACTON EPC 9 Cost Management solution in close collaboration with long-time customers. They can best determine where there is potential for optimization.”

New features at a glance

  • Beginning immediately cost centers can be exchanged via mass data administration. This makes it simpler to switch locations and avoids time-consuming, manual exchange.
  • The ability to retroactively change the project currency makes it easier to cost an existing project for a different location and project currency.
  • As a new feature, project-specific machines can be used in costing types. This feature closes a gap in the existing cost estimation offer. Now it is possible to perform dynamic machine cost rate calculation in costing types.
  • FACTON revised the project structure comparison enabling cost comparisons based on customer-specific costing elements.
  • Controls were also implemented to govern the right to modify version properties retroactively. This brings to life the ability to perform cost comparison analytics on multiple projects.
  • Multilingual maintenance of the project version name to support our expanding global customer base.
  • Users can work both online and offline with the FACTON EPC 9 Cost Management solution.


The FACTON EPC 9 Cost Management solution is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of different company departments and divisions – from top management, controlling and production to development, purchasing and sales.