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First trainee completes apprenticeship at FACTON


Interview with Phuc Huy Nguyen, IT Specialist for System Integration at FACTON GmbH

In a word: What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about the last three years at FACTON?



Why gratitude? Tell us more.

My colleagues are very helpful. From the moment I arrived, they made me a full member of the team and let me lend a hand in setting up the company. My colleagues always gave me advice that helped me grow personally during my apprenticeship training. I am extremely grateful for all of the freedom and respect they showed me.


Why were you especially interested in training with FACTON after leaving school? What made you apply for a training position at FACTON?

The first time I came into contact with FACTON during my research, I noticed that the company occupies a very innovative corner of the market. Innovations – particularly technological innovations – interest me greatly and FACTON gave me the opportunity to be a part of these innovations.


You worked at the FACTON location in Dresden – did you get a chance to visit the headquarters in Potsdam? How do you like the state capital?

Yes, I have visited the headquarters in Potsdam several times. Different employees, different topics for discussion. And yes, Potsdam is a great location. I can’t say that much about the state capital because I didn’t get to see that much of the city. But I can say one thing: The city is full of nature!


What all were you able to do during your training and what did you learn?

I was able to learn and work in the heart of the company’s IT world. Among other things, I provided maintenance and support for company technology and I was able to play an active role in a few projects. Above all, I learned a lot about organization. For example, how to document connected information, how to collaborate effectively in a large team and how to handle tasks that overlap chronologically. This was augmented by an increased awareness of the financial side of the IT business. Every technology has a financial sticking point. You have to weigh all the facts and arguments before you can make a final decision because once the decision is made, there’s usually no turning back. That makes it even more important to choose the best solution for the long-term benefit of the company.


What did you like most about working with your colleagues?

My colleagues are fantastic – both personally and professionally. They are so open, attentive, friendly and immediately approachable. They are always ready to help, no matter what the issue is. Everyone is treated the same at FACTON, regardless of rank or status. When there is criticism, it is always constructive, which I find to be extremely positive. 


You overcame a number of challenges during your apprenticeship training: Is there anything that you are especially proud of?

There was a major software transition in the IT department during my training: Everyone in the company had worked with traditional Microsoft Office products until then. We then switched over to Microsoft Cloud Office/Office 365. This change affects every single employee. I actively supported this step and am proud that our employees appreciate the new products and use them daily.


Would you say that your idea of what it would be like to work in IT changed over time? 

My time at FACTON exceeded my expectations. There are so many different fields of IT that I was totally unfamiliar with before I began my training but that are really important. Some of the things I learned here will certainly bring me further, even outside of work.


What’s next? Do you have specific plans or goals for the future? Will you remain with FACTON or will you seek far off shores?

I want to be there when the company expands in Potsdam and I can’t wait to experience it all first-hand. This is why I will be transferring from the branch office in Dresden to the headquarters in Potsdam. It will be a challenge; but that’s precisely what I’m looking for. Obviously, I am still interested in growing my career in general, maybe even in an entirely different line of occupation, but not right at this moment.


What would you say to new trainees who will be joining FACTON in the coming apprenticeship year? You’re an “old hand” now. Do you have any advice for them?

There are personal aspects of work that you can learn during the course of your training. Independence, diligence, patience and a number of other personal skills are needed during any apprenticeship. In my opinion, the most important motivation is a glance toward the future! A look at where you were before you began your training, where you are now and where you want to be in the future. When you know all that is possible after you complete your training, you will be more motivated and less likely to lose track of your goal.


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