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Interview with our System and Support Engineer about his role as a trainer


Recently the first trainee completed his apprenticeship as an IT Specialist for System Integration at FACTON – under the leadership of Ronny Proft, System and Support Engineer.

What did you like most about your work as a trainer?

As an IT specialist I’m usually responsible for technical issues, not interpersonal ones. As a trainer it’s exactly the opposite. That’s why it was an interesting experience and a real pleasure working to help a young person like Phuc begin his professional life.

FACTON is continuing the training program. What should trainees looking to complete an apprenticeship program like Phuc did bring to the table if they want to work at FACTON?

Well, they definitely need to be enthusiastic about working with IT, but interest and curiosity are just as important. These are the basic prerequisites but you also can’t do a job like this without a bit of intuition and maybe even a thick skin at times. For instance when we need to help customers and users with the problems they are facing and work together to find a solution. 

Were there also special challenges for you?

Certainly – it was really exciting for me. Until now, working in IT has been more of a “lone wolf” kind of job. Since Phuc was my first apprentice, all of the associated tasks were new territory for me. The selection process was a particular challenge. Obviously, you hope that you chose the right trainee.

And did you choose the right one?


What personal and technical knowledge do you try to impart on your apprentices?

Basically the things they will need later on in their careers: working with users, the ability to look at requirements in a differentiated way, both from the user’s and administrator’s perspective, administrative working methods and planning with foresight.

What experience with your trainee will you remember most?

It’s more of an overall impression that I will keep in my memory: We had a really great time together.