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Quickly and easily calculate additional financial expenditure associated with customs duties: FACTON announces Version 10 of its EPC Cost Management Solution


Software manufacturer FACTON has added a number of new features to Version 10 of its Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) Cost Management Solution. Now it is possible to perform product costing in global supply chains to account for all costs. This enables enterprises to quickly respond to unexpected customs duties, determine the impact on product costs and define alternative strategies. For this version, FACTON also responded to user-specific requirements, such as a faster “Save as” feature within the user’s projects.

“Current changes in global trade require businesses to make forward-looking decisions on strategically important investment and location issues. To remain competitive over the long term in these uncertain times, companies with complex supply chains, in particular, must be able to precisely determine the impact of additional financial expenditure in volatile conditions and analyze changes to the product and total cost structure in detail,” explains FACTON CEO, Alexander M. Swoboda. “Our customers increasingly face challenges when it comes to calculating customs duties. This is why it was important for us to offer them the FACTON EPC 10 Cost Management Solution, a tool they can rely on to react quickly and precisely to unexpected changes.”


The new version of the product costing software developed by FACTON now enables automatic calculation of customs duties for purchased parts and sub-projects based on material groups, countries of origin and countries of destination. The software manufacturer also concentrated on enhancing performance. FACTON EPC 10 Cost Management is now even better value for businesses that want to plan and monitor their product costs in worldwide networks, both regarding performance and the range of features offered.


Moreover, FACTON used refactoring to accelerate the “Save as” feature in costing projects as part of its efforts to continually enhance performance. Refactoring provides a basic implementation platform so FACTON users can boost performance even further in other areas of the application.


The FACTON EPC 10 Cost Management solution is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of different company departments and divisions – from top manage-ment, controlling and production to development, purchasing and sales.


  • Details on new features in additional suite components will be published in a separate press release.


Download of Press Release [PDF; 97 KB]