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Renault-Nissan utilizes FACTON EPC for purchased part price analysis


The automotive alliance Renault-Nissan will be using FACTON’s EPC Should Costing solution for cost calculation of all purchased parts. Renault-Nissan will utilize the purchasing solution from the FACTON EPC Suite in more than 15 countries for all group brands.

Renault-Nissan will deploy FACTON EPC Should Costing globally in the Renault/Nissan Costing Department network for purchased part price analysis, which is assigned to the Finance department. This includes costing for all purchased parts, as it is critical for the car manufacturer to be able to closely track price developments and perform precise cost calculations. To remain competitive, price differences of only a few cents are important. More than 500 employees in the Renault-Nissan alliance will work with the FACTON solution, which will be configured according to the Renault Nissan requirements and know-how.


Renault-Nissan will deploy FACTON EPC Should Cost solution in more than 15 countries.  The aim of the project is to roll out the FACTON EPC solution simultaneously at all locations.


Renault-Nissan is deploying the FACTON solution to replace its previously used legacy system MGV2, which is now 15 years old and has reached its technical limits. The application’s overall technical architecture no longer meets the stringent Renault-Nissan requirements. It would not be possible to consistently analyze and calculate the volumes of purchased parts in the future using the existing system. Additionally, it would be too expensive to maintain and further develop functionality of the legacy costing solution.


“Renault-Nissan joining the growing number of OEMs who use the FACTON Enterprise Product Costing solution is a clear sign that proactive and transparent product cost management is now a top priority of car manufacturers,” says FACTON CEO Alexander M. Swoboda.