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Summit for costing experts: “A high degree of collaboration and more mature costing processes go hand in hand”


Around 120 European costing experts came together in Stuttgart on November 24, 2016 for the 9th FACTON User Conference titled “Collaborative Costing” to discuss the impact of current market developments on product cost management. The event covered different areas such as collaboration between individual departments in a single enterprise and between suppliers and OEMs. It also promoted collaboration between FACTON and its users by providing insight into current and future developments of FACTON EPC.

“It was important that our event underscore the advantages of collaboration, especially in such a politically turbulent year like this one. After all, collaboration is a central tenet of Enterprise Product Costing,” said Christoph Müller, VP Customer Services at FACTON GmbH, who moderated the conference again this year.


FACTON CEO Alexander M. Swoboda opened the event with a keynote speech on the growing complexity of the cost structures of products that are produced and marketed internationally. Without an overview, enterprises quickly lose their competitive advantage. “The most effective antidote is collaboration on product costing not only within one’s own enterprise but also with business partners –  because a high degree of collaboration and more mature costing processes go hand in hand,” explained Swoboda.


From implementer to partner for the entire EPC process.

The FACTON product management team used applications to show how significant advancements have been made in recent months to the current solutions FACTON EPC 8 Cost Management and FACTON EPC 8 Should Costing and introduced users to some features that will be available in the near future. It became clear, especially after the announcement that three new solutions will be launched in the next few months, that FACTON is transforming itself from an implementer of stand-alone solutions to a multi-solution provider and partner for the entire Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) process.


From the real world for the real world

Eberspächer Exhaust Technology GmbH & Co. KG showed how the company uses FACTON EPC on a day-to-day basis: “In order to be successful as a global supplier to the automotive industry, we face the challenge of aligning our networks with our customers’ and suppliers’ structures. So we see standardized and structured collaboration between the various functional areas in our company’s global organization as pivotal to success. Having FACTON as a costing partner ensures that we are ideally positioned to achieve these goals,” said Udo Simon, Director Global Cost Estimation at Eberspächer.


Wolfgang Wukisiewitsch, Head of Powertrain Development, DP-D, Engine and Transmission Design, Processes and Methods at IAV GmbH, opened up new vistas in his presentation titled “Drive Concepts of the Future – What Will Change for OEMs and Tier 1”. He pointed to specific examples of how changing mobility, the rapid development of new technologies and the emergence of new, unforeseen competitors impact the development of drive concepts.