FACTON EPC Design Costing for development and production

Capability maturity models make it easy to analyse material and production costs

With FACTON EPC Design Costing, companies can optimise their product costs from the very start of the development process. This is particularly important considering that decisions made during development determine up to 80% of the subsequent production costs. By using different capability maturity models, the costs up to start of production can be determined with ever increasing accuracy. 

With FACTON EPC Design Costing, development engineers can easily determine the impact of their decisions, for example, in relation to materials, on the overall costs of a project. If the system includes target costs, designers are encouraged to explore potential cost savings at this early stage. 


Material and production costs as well as general product costs can be calculated on the basis of various capability maturity models. During the development process, capability maturity models serve a concrete purpose: costs determined in rough estimates or based on binding supplier offers can be processed and analysed in the capability maturity models and output in a range of ways. The bespoke FACTON capability maturity model is patent-protected.


Integrated machine rate calculation functions and options to evaluate various alternative technical solutions are other indispensable tools of the FACTON EPC software.



Best Practice

Through the use of valid benchmark data, products can be developed in a cost-optimized manner. The benchmarking whitepaper provides an overview of the use of benchmark data in FACTON EPC.

Whitepaper: Benchmarking