Proactive product costing with FACTON EPC as basis for competitive decisions -

from automotive and plant construction to high-tech, electronics and aerospace

Businesses can only make informed, competitive decisions if they have full transparency over the cost structure of complex products. FACTON EPC is used most often for this purpose in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors – but companies in the consumer goods, high-tech and electronics industries also benefit from the costing software.

The pressure to compete and innovate, shorter life cycles, global competition – in today’s market environment, full transparency and control of cost-relevant factors plays a key role in enterprise management. FACTON EPC provides manufacturing companies from every industry this transparency and control: Companies in the automotive sector and the high-tech and electronics industry use FACTON EPC to respond to their costing challenges as do mechanical engineering and plant construction or aerospace enterprises.


Companies that develop complex products in complex processes that require both technical and financial finesse stand to benefit most from a comprehensive EPC system: Whether an automotive supplier needs to provide its customer a transparent proposal calculation, an aerospace company wants to evaluate its products in the earliest stages of development or a mechanical engineering firm needs to determine how to cost-optimize purchased modules and components – FACTON EPC enables them to address these challenges quickly, completely and securely – and with the least possible expenditure. Thus, FACTON EPC delivers a solid foundation for all competitive decisions.