Open book accounting –

cost breakdowns at the push of a button with FACTON Costing Templates

FACTON Costing Templates integrate customer and supplier-specific costing schemes in one file. Cost and price breakdowns can thus be completed at the push of a button. Standardised data ensures streamlined communication.

More and more customers request their suppliers to submit cost breakdowns. Such open book accounting poses a number of challenges, as the submitted information must be presented in a format that is meaningful to the customer. In certain cases, cost figures must even be provided according to a predefined template. With FACTON Costing Templates, companies can meet the specific requirements of open book accountings at minimum expense.

Fast, simple and accurate transfer of data from internal to external costing files

In the automotive industry, cost breakdowns have become an integral part of the tendering process. With EPC software, this is a time-consuming task. System discontinuity, multiple data sources and the manual transfer of costing figures often lead to errors, and the resulting cost breakdowns often need to be explained in detail to be understood.


FACTON Costing Templates allow for the easy transfer of internal costing figures into external cost calculations. As customer-specific costing schemes (OEM cost breakdowns), purchased parts prices, and cost centre rates can be stored in the software, FACTON Costing Templates supports the automated completion of bespoke cost breakdown forms. In the event of subsequent modifications and change requests, the internal and external cost breakdowns are automatically checked for consistency, updated, and synchronised. All results and comparisons relating to the internal and external cost breakdowns can be viewed in separate reports.

Integration of supplier-specific costing schemes in FACTON EPC 

Purchased parts price analyses are often based on price breakdowns submitted by the supplier. In this document, the contractor reveals its costs for evaluation by the buyer. In this process, cost drivers can be identified and possibly eliminated. Both parties benefit as there is often scope to reduce the overall costs. Furthermore, such price breakdowns enable buyers to evaluate whether the margin is appropriate.

FACTON Costing Templates integrate supplier-specific costing schemes in one file. External cost breakdowns from the supplier can be automatically incorporated into the system and checked for plausibility.


Advantages of FACTON Costing Templates:

  • Efficient proposal preparation
  • Reliable figures and facts for successful negotiations
  • Prevention of errors in tenders
  • Continued updating of internal and external cost breakdowns
  • Uniform processing and output of all cost-related information