Such comparisons with FACTON EPC are extremely valuable

for effective product cost optimisation (design to cost).

Cost-optimised product design requires companies to choose the right production concept and method. That is why FACTON EPC caters for automated concept comparisons, standardised and transparent reports, and efficient concept management.

Using commercial and technical comparisons of concepts, the advantages and disadvantages of the approaches with regard to product design and production are revealed, so that optimised solutions can be drawn up for best design to cost. With FACTON EPC, multiple concepts are not only generated and compared in an efficient manner, but also evaluated quickly, as all relevant cost factors are clearly presented for further examination.

FACTON EPC standardises and simplifies quick concept comparisons

With the EPC software, alternative concepts can be added to existing cost calculations and compared with the currently chosen concepts. For commercial concepts, such alternative concepts might, for example, include preassembly at a different location. FACTON EPC also helps generate, manage and compare highly complex technical concept versions, for example, in connection with a change from automated to semi-automated production. The various options are evaluated in great detail, which is particularly relevant for the development of products and serial production methods that must meet onerous quality requirements.

Procedure and advantages:

  • The user refers to existing data and only enters the changes that are considered.
  • The software compares the various concepts and highlights the relevant differences in colour.
  • The variations in product costs are clearly highlighted.
  • By running test routines, users can ensure that the data is complete and up to date.
  • The various concepts can be saved and used separately in any context.
  • Users also have the option to draw up multiple concepts at the same time for subsequent comparison.
  • The software provides various tools for an easy management of scenarios.
  • Standardised reports for decision makers can be generated at the push of a button.
  • These reports are available in a number of formats.
  • All changes are tracked in a history log.


FACTON EPC simplifies the comparison and evaluation of alternative concepts and speeds up the process so that companies can examine a larger number of alternatives within the given time, allowing for more efficient product cost optimisation.

Concept Comparison with FACTON EPC

Without EPC software, preparing data for concept comparisons is extremely time-consuming. Even entering and updating the information takes a lot of time – not to speak of the actual evaluation of the data. More time is lost on formatting the analyses and checking them for plausibility. Such manually created comparisons in the form of spreadsheet tables or slide presentations often leave a lot to be desired, as drilling down is only possible to a limited extent. The information is thus rarely comprehensive and transparent enough for decision makers, as the effects of their choices are rarely clearly visible. As each scenario is saved as a separate file, revision tracking and history management are cumbersome and time-consuming.