Version 11 of FACTON EPC Cost Management Solution released

    Version 11 integrates interface to newly released EPC Business Case Simulator


    FACTON, a leader in Enterprise Product Costing (EPC), today announced the release of a new version of its EPC Cost Management solution. The software solution for integrated costing in the FACTON Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) Suite now interfaces with the new FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator. Further innovations support the comparison of project data with master data management.

    Version 11 of FACTON EPC Cost Management integrates with the new software solution, the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator. The FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator is the ideal extension of the Cost Management Solution. The application enables the simulation of calculation results and reveals the long-term effects of investment plans or customer projects on the profitability of the company.

    The interface in the FACTON EPC version 11 Cost Management Solution transfers data and company key figures from a calculation project to the EPC Business Case Simulator. With this software solution, users simulate economic and financial assumptions for a project, such as the effects of long-term agreements or different interest rates on capital. The results are available in real time and show the impact of the project on the company's key figures over time. "EPC Cost Management now makes company-specific data available for cost scenarios. Users can calculate the influence of new parameters, such as material prices or exchange rates, and check them directly during negotiations. This considerably shortens the time needed to make decisions," comments Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON.

    The new version of FACTON EPC Cost Management also features an improved comparison of project data with master data management. The tabular display of the deviations and the new dialog design provide greater clarity. Grouping and filter functions allow the user to control adjustments flexibly. The new version simplifies the updating of calculation types, which are frequently used as quotation calculations. If a project with costing types is nominated for comparison, the user can directly adopt the corresponding costing types.  Users can select projects for comparison using drag and drop options from the Solution Explorer or via the search function. They can also now transfer entire folders. "The revision of the database comparison function was a central concern of our customers. We are pleased that the new version of our EPC Cost Management Solution reflects the many suggestions of our users," adds Alexander M. Swoboda.

    Further innovations of FACTON EPC 11 Cost Management include the ability to:

    • Preset the "Save as" options
    • Define the effect on sales prices when project runtimes are changed
    • Search for components within a selected folder in the master data administration
    • Extend the file name for Excel export templates for the version designation in the context of quotation creation
    • Revise the symbols for costing elements in the project structure tree for more clarity
    • Deactivate the advice dialog for incomplete investment distribution and entry of monthly sales prices
    • Suppress the display of unneeded calculation years for overhead in master data management and on the Cash Flow tab page in the project cockpit of a multi-project


    The FACTON EPC Suite
    FACTON EPC 11 Cost Management is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of different company departments and divisions – from top management, controlling and production and development to purchasing and sales.


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