New white paper calculating mobility trends

    How new technologies autonomous, connected, electric and shared change the calculation of product costs


    FACTON Publishes a White Paper on New Mobility and How Current Trends Influence Profitability in the Automotive Industry

    The software manufacturer FACTON has published a white paper on the new mobility with the title "Calculate the mobility of the future. Autonomous, connected, electric and shared - how new technologies influence profitability in the automotive industry". The white paper highlights the impact of mobility trends on product cost management.

    Connected and autonomous driving, electric cars and mobility-as-a-service push the transformation of the automotive industry. Each trend puts the competitiveness of companies to the test and influences their profitability. The required investments in mobility trends such as autonomous, connected, electric, shared (ACES) coincide with the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Production stops and collapsing sales figures are putting pressure on the margins and cash flow of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

    "Companies with efficient costing processes and clear cost structures will be better able to cope with disruptive times such as those we are currently experiencing in the automotive industry. The mobility of the future requires more than ever cost transparency and a deep understanding of the costs of products and production technologies," commented Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON.

    The white paper describes:

    • The mobility of the future is the interaction of ACES
    • ACES technologies set new requirements for cost calculation
    • Autonomous driving implies a demanding and expensive vehicle development
    • Connected cars generate a lot of new data and make cost calculations more complex
    • Electric vehicles, lightweight construction and battery technology require an understanding of new technologies and cost models
    • Carsharing has the potential to change the OEM's position in the supply chain
    • Profitable calculation of future mobility through standardization and digitization of cost management

    Download the publication free of charge here.

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