Advanced software technologies

    Architectures and Development Tools


    The FACTON team of experienced software developers design standard software packages for product costing. Through state-of-the art software technologies, architectures, and development methods, FACTON translates the complex processes behind product costing into user-friendly software applications.

    The software architecture of FACTON EPC applications is based on the advanced three-tier model that is one of the cornerstones of modern enterprise software. This architecture guarantees that all users can cooperate with each other in a single system and have access to a shared database and a standardised cost layout. Access to the system is controlled on the basis of the user's tasks and responsibilities.

    The three-tier architecture consists of

    • a database system for the secure storage of critical product cost calculations,
    • an application server for fast access to calculations and results,
    • clients that provide the PC user interface of the application whose tools are designed in line with standard office applications, such as Microsoft Office, for user-friendliness and enhanced efficiency.
    • Thanks to the modular design of the FACTON solution, it can be customised to suit specific user requirements, including integration with existing enterprise software such as ERP and PLM systems.

    Microsoft Gold Partner

    FACTON is a Microsoft Gold Partner and thus has access to the latest products and solutions from Microsoft. This guarantees that all FACTON components and modules meet the latest standards. End users benefit from advanced technology in the form of an optimised user interface and short respond times.

    FACTON uses Microsoft development tools throughout the development process of its products, ensuring consistency of architecture and compliance with stringent quality standards. FACTON clients know that each new release offers real added value.

    Software development – real added value for clients

    For its software development, FACTON has adopted the SCRUM approach. SCRUM is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework focused exclusively on creating added value for the client. The client's interests are represented by the product management, which controls the process so that value is added at each iteration.

    Quality assurance

    At FACTON, each step in the development process undergoes quality control checks. Apart from the in-process quality assurance, FACTON carries out a number of automated and manual function tests as well as performance tests. As a result, clients can run each new release of the FACTON software in the knowledge that it will instantly add value to their operations.

    With its experienced team of software developers, FACTON produces the standard software for the product cost calculation. By using state-of-the-art software technologies, software architectures and development methods, FACTON translates the complex processes of product cost calculation into ergonomic and easy-to-use software products.