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The market leader for Enterprise Product Costing (EPC)

Our FACTON EPC Suite software is the leading enterprise product costing solution for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, high-tech, and electronics sectors. Through enterprise-wide, streamlined product costing across departments and divisions, FACTON EPC offers complete transparency of product costs.

FACTON EPC brings together the financial view and the engineering perspective of costs. Management can determine the costs of complex products at an early stage and at any other point in their lifecycle.

FACTON EPC enables companies to accelerate their costing processes and to improve cost accuracy for greater profitability. We are working with leading consultants to develop a recognized standard for cost management.

The partner for the manufacturing industry

The FACTON EPC Suite enables manufacturing businesses in all sectors to:

  • Manage and control complex product development processes
  • Compile product costs with the necessary transparency in a user-friendly format
  • Significantly speed up costing processes
  • Determine product costs with greater accuracy
  • Evaluate and assess cost structures

The FACTON EPC Suite costing software is of great benefit to both SMEs and large corporations.



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