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Calculate the Return on Investment of FACTON EPC

Use our ROI calculator to analyze the cost benefits you achieve with our EPC solution for quotation costing.


FACTON EPC offers companies in the manufacturing industry an enterprise solution for product and quotation costing. With our EPC software, teams optimize product costs sustainably, ensure profitability across the value chain and achieve fair margins

Use our ROI calculator and find out what cost benefits you can achieve with FACTON EPC.


Focus on Enterprise Product Costing

With FACTON EPC, we provide companies in the manufacturing industry with cost transparency and fast processes for product costing, and quotation costing:

  • Reliable business planning through standardized costing.
  • Accurate calculation of product costs across all phases of the product lifecycle
  • More efficiency in quotation preparation through cross-site and cross-departmental collaboration
  • Easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure

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More than ever, complex products, high investments, and closely interlinked value chains - precise cost estimates and quotations determine whether projects are won or lost. With FACTON EPC, manufacturing companies achieve transparent product costs. They accelerate their cost calculation in the quotation process and achieve high-cost accuracy for customer and investment projects.

Our mission is your profitability

We accompany manufacturing companies on their way to profitable and sustainable production throughout the entire lifecycle.

Our enterprise solution for standardized product costing simplifies workflows, ensures cost transparency, and leads to reliable cost estimates and quotations.

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