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Strategic business planning with FACTON EPC

With FACTON EPC, top management masters the three biggest challenges that stand in the way of effective, company-wide product cost management:

  • Complex, cross-departmental and non-standardized processes
  • Distributed cost information
  • Missing lifecycle assessment

FACTON EPC standardizes the calculation methods across departments and integrates the calculation tools of the different departments in a single calculation application. It makes cost information available transparently and centrally for the entire company. Users can not only calculate costs and cost developments for a specific point in time, but can also view them over the entire lifecycle of the products.

FACTON EPC also benefits corporate management directly, by providing a secure data source for strategic business planning. Its comprehensive reporting enables a consistent focus on profitability and growth. FACTON EPC Cost Analytics support management in the analysis and forecasting of costs with comprehensive internal and external reporting functions.

FACTON EPC Cost Analytics reports provide a secure basis for location, make or buy and portfolio management decisions as well as for acquisition business planning — in short: for every management decision regarding profitability and healthy growth.

FACTON EPC gives users targeted cost information and project-specific reports within the company's worldwide network. In addition, report subscriptions and comprehensive and user-specific evaluations (views) are available. For example, users can evaluate margins and sales across several projects, to include:

  • Capital key figures for individual projects, product series or entire portfolios
  • All project versions and their production planning data
  • Analyses that display costs and key figures at specific times or over specific time periods

Users do not have to request complex scenario calculations separately, but can display them directly by filtering and grouping the required data independently. User-specific evaluations (views) and subscriptions to selected reports provide the best possible overview. In this case, the reporting system uses, among other things, these three core processes; calculation during development and production, purchase part price analysis and quotation calculation.

Flexible web reporting ensures particularly fast access. Users access important data via the internet.

Strategic business planning with FACTON EPC

Management makes better strategic decisions about:

  • Portfolio management
  • Relocation
  • Sales and cost planning

Calculating, Simulating, Analyzing and Optimizing - The FACTON EPC Functionalities


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