FACTON Cloud Operations

Smooth deployment of your FACTON solutions in the cloud


The use of FACTON EPC Solution as a Software as a Service or cloud option offers companies of any size several advantages:

  • Immediate availability and rapid deployment
  • Faster implementation
  • Uncomplicated scalability in the background
  • Easy calculation of current overhead costs through use on a rental basis
  • Access to the latest and most up-to-date software technology via the cloud

The use of FACTON EPC Solution in the cloud reduces infrastructure maintenance and upgrade efforts.

Complete integration into your company network

The cloud option is not only efficient in terms of maintenance, it also facilitates the daily work of users and does not require any changes in established and familiar processes. Because it integrates completely into your company network, FACTON EPC makes its single sign-on available without any additional regiastration. At the administration level, nothing changes for IT administration, because users are administered in the company's usual directory service. FACTON's integrated offline capability is also available in the cloud option. Company employees operating from remote locations in particular benefit from this, as they can work online or offline depending on the connection quality. Operation as a SaaS option in the cloud is based on Microsoft Azure.

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