Comprehensive reporting functions with FACTON EPC Cost Analytics

for strategic business planning

FACTON EPC is a powerful tool for company management: its comprehensive reporting system provides invaluable information for the development of a sustainable and growth-based corporate strategy. The internal and external reporting functions of FACTON EPC Cost Analytics assists top-level management in producing cost analyses and profitability forecasts. 

Reports generated with FACTON EPC Cost Analytics provide reliable information for management decisions on production locations, the development of a profitable product portfolio as well as make-or-buy decisions. In addition, the reports also assist managers in making decisions regarding acquisitions, etc. In other words, FACTON EPC Cost Analytics reports are indispensable sources of information for all decisions at management level that concern the profitability and sustainable growth of the company.


Information on costs and project-specific reports can be made available to all parties concerned through the global company network. Furthermore, reports and user-specific evaluations (views) can be made accessible through subscriptions. This method is often used for the evaluation of margins and turnovers of multiple projects. 


Reports and views might focus on:


  • Capital investment figures of individual projects, product series and portfolios 
  • Complete set of project versions 
  • Other product planning data
  • Analyses showing the costs and key indicators at selected times or across specific time ranges 


Complex scenario cost calculations can be viewed by any authorised user through filtering and grouping of the relevant data. User-specific evaluations (views) and subscriptions to selected reports make sure that users only receive the information that is relevant to them. For its reports, FACTON EPC relies on its core processes of development and production accompanying costing, purchased parts price analysis, and costing of tenders.



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