FACTON EPC in the high-tech and electronics industries

Getting a grip on the costing of highly complex products

FACTON EPC keeps high-tech and electronics industry costs transparent at every stage of the product evolution process. Maximum innovation paired with minimum product costs keeps enterprises competitive. 

Short product life cycles and challenging customer demands combined with intense competitive and cost pressure require high-tech and electronics industry companies to maintain the highest standards of innovation while keeping costs as low as possible. The typically low margins generated in the high-tech market mean that decisions made during the product evolution process have even greater implications in terms of their impact on manufacturing costs down the road.


Thus, the ability to identify business consequences arising from decisions made in the product development process and take the appropriate actions to cut costs is becoming an increasingly decisive factor in global competition. The prerequisite: Cost information must always be clearly visible and understandable for everyone involved in the process. FACTON EPC provides the basis for this clarity with an enterprise-wide platform that enables businesses to evaluate relevant factors such as materials and manufacturing processes or suppliers that need to be integrated.


FACTON EPC gives companies in the electronics industry the transparency they need for all of their cost information. This makes it possible to respond quickly and accurately to changes in customer requirements, give engineers in the development process the opportunity to make sound decisions especially regarding costs and evaluate various sourcing alternatives.



Best Practice

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