FACTON Academy – Terms and Conditions


You can book a place via Email. For details please contact Ms. Sandra Decker.



Upon receipt of your booking, we will send you a conformation. The minimum number of participants for a course to go ahead is three.


Training costs

For details please contact Ms. Sandra Decker .  Costs are payable after the training course. They include all training material and meals during the training days. The participants must cover their own travel costs.


Training documents

Each participant is handed a comprehensive folder of training material, which is covered by copyright. Reproduction or copying of the training documents is only permitted with the explicit consent of FACTON GmbH.



Should you be unable to attend the booked training session, please notify us at least two weeks in advance. No refund shall be made for later cancellations!



  1. FACTON GmbH shall not be liable for damage to property caused by accidents at its training facilities. Participants must look after their personal property as FACTON GmbH shall not cover loss by theft from its premises.
  2. Amendments to the training contract between the participant and FACTON GmbH – and in particular verbal agreements – shall only be valid if they have been confirmed in writing.
  3. Training courses will only take place, if a minimum number of participants have booked a place.


Subject to change without prior notice.