The FACTON EPC Cost Management solution

helps you secure your profitability

FACTON EPC Cost Management lets your enterprise achieve the highest possible product cost transparency throughout every phase of the product life cycle. This accelerates your costing, helps you achieve pinpoint cost accuracy and secures your profitability.

Costing with FACTON EPC Cost Management

FACTON EPC Cost Management helps manufacturing companies of all sizes perform consistent, reliable costing. The software employs standardized methods that enable enterprises to perform all of their basic costing tasks quickly and securely in a central, standardized costing tool. FACTON EPC Cost Management is also a centralized source of information for product and project profitability analyses.


Simulation and Analysis with FACTON EPC Cost Management

FACTON EPC Cost Management offers an extensive list of options for the precise and transparent analysis of costing data, thereby laying the cornerstone for identifying opportunities and risks early in the life cycle. Analyses can be performed throughout the entire process. This ensures tomorrow’s success today.


Optimization with FACTON EPC Cost Management

FACTON EPC Cost Management helps you quickly find the right levers for cost optimization. In addition to optimization options at the product level, the software also offers special features to promote targeted portfolio management.


Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Standardized costing throughout the entire enterprise
  • Fast implementation
  • Saves time
  • Reduces the margin of error
  • State-of-the-art, intuitive user interface
  • Straightforward scalability
  • Offline capability


Calculate your product costs with FACTON EPC Cost Management to enhance your profitability, flexibility and competitiveness. 


Best Practice

With FACTON EPC Cost Management Software, the Enterprise Product Costing method can be optimally applied in the company. Detailed information and background on this cost management concept can be found in the whitepaper "Enterprise Product Costing".

Whitepaper: Enterprise Product Costing

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