FACTON Cost Smarter: The new User Conference Europe in Potsdam

    FACTON Holds First-Ever Cost Smarter – the European Conference for Enterprise Product Costing


    Software supplier FACTON is holding its User Conference for the first time in Potsdam under the new name “Cost Smarter – the Conference for Enterprise Product Costing” on December 12, 2019. The conference will cover costing indus-try trends and is positioning the topic of electronics costing as one of its key agen-da items. The conference will also present new EPC solutions and offer a forum for discussing software-specific issues with users. The guest speaker is mobility ex-pert Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, who will be presenting his “SMART Mobility Mani-festo 2030: Zero Emissions. Zero Accidents. Zero Ownership”.

    Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) software manufacturer FACTON is holding its annual User Conference for customers and partners in Europe on December 12, 2019. This is the first time the event will take place in Potsdam. The software ven-dor chose the title “Cost Smarter – the Conference for Enterprise Product Costing” to put a spotlight on its goal of achieving flexible, enterprise-wise product costing. “In addition to anchoring our core topic, the new title also reflects our company’s growing international focus,” says FACTON CEO Alexander M. Swoboda. The Euro-pean conference program has a modular architecture. It is designed to answer us-ers’ software-specific questions and cover current topics in cost management.

    The System Plus Consulting company’s presentation will outline the costing chal-lenges the growing electronics market is facing. FACTON’s partner ORBIS is pre-senting a cloud-based application that supports the collaborative sales process and enables an app-based costing approval process. WEBER-HYDRAULIK will deliver a user report on deploying the FACTON EPC Cost Model Designer to add value with-in the enterprise. FACTON will showcase its latest EPC solutions Business Case Simulator and Cost Controlling. The software manufacturer’s team will use best practices to demonstrate the advantages of enterprise-wide costing for the pur-chasing, sales and development departments. The final speaker and special guest at the Cost Smarter 2019 User Conference is mobility expert Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder. He will be presenting his “SMART Mobility Manifesto 2030: Zero Emis-sions. Zero Accidents. Zero Ownership”.

    “We are continually advancing our company’s role as a software manufacturer. I’m pleased that we’re able to demonstrate our progress at our User Conference this year,” comments Alexander M. Swoboda. The event will take place at the Dorint Hotel Sanssouci in Potsdam. On the eve of the event, participants are invited to a get-together at the new FACTON offices on the Lake Jungfernsee campus. The FACTON Cost Smarter Conference is open to all company representatives who have deployed one of the FACTON EPC Suite solutions in their enterprise. Costing experts interested in using the software can also register to attend the event. Presentations will be held in German. Simultaneous interpreting will be available for international guests.

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