More Profits.

    For faster sales proposals with clear pricing


    Optimizing offers and securing profits from contracts

    Complex and often global bidding processes can only be done profitably if companies have globally consistent cost calculations as a basis for their pricing. Offers must not only be calculated quickly, but also reliably and precisely. With FACTON EPC Quotation Costing, users can take into account different quantities and variants, annual price reductions, allocations and quick savings on a yearly basis.

    Via the central FACTON EPC database, every employee involved can quickly access worldwide, customer-specific offers and negotiation results. This significantly shortens the response times in the quotation process. Users can quickly convert cost calculations into specific customer formats or so-called cost breakdowns.

    The result: consistent pricing. In this way, companies can optimally position themselves worldwide to defend their prices.

    Responding to change requests without headaches

    Change requests have become a common feature of business transactions. Sales departments must be able to respond promptly to change requests, submitting acceptable offers. In many cases, contracts are awarded to the party that responds first. With FACTON EPC, users can easliy adapt existing cost calculations to the new requests. The system automatically compiles a costing history so that users can at any time see which change caused which price adjustment. As a result, both costs and profits remain transparent, and companies are able to determine whether a specific project is still profitable after a change is requested by the customer.

    Quotation Costing with FACTON EPC

    Streamline costing with these features:

    • Costing of tenders
    • Consistent pricing
    • Open book accounting
    • Price justification

    Calculating, Simulating, Analyzing and Optimizing - The FACTON EPC Functionalities


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