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    ACES Technologies: Calculate the Mobility of the Future

    Autonomous, connected, electric & shared – how new technologies influence profitability in the automotive industry


    The transformation of the auto industry can be well described with catchphrases such as the electric car, autonomous driving, shared mobility and mobility as a service (MaaS). The easiest way to get a taste of the future of mobility is to register with Share Now and take an i3 in Munich, Germany. The car is waiting at the place where you need it (shared), it opens over the mobile phone (connected) and one experiences the feeling of silent acceleration and recuperation (brake only twice to the city center: electric). You only must drive yourself – autonomous driving is still in its beginning. The classic business areas in the automotive industry are being disrupted by four trends: autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility – short: ACES.

    Every trend is a new, dynamic business area that intensifies competition, changes production processes and influences profitability. As if this were not challenging enough, the uncertain economic development and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are weighing on companies. They inevitably invest in ACES and at the same time are required to absorb production stops and the slump in sales. This puts pressure on margins and cash flow.

    Shaping the mobility of the future requires more than ever, a deep understanding of the costs of products and production technologies. Regardless of whether OEM or supplier: By standardizing and digitizing cost management, companies in the automotive sector are ensuring that they will continue to calculate profitably in the future. The white paper explains the underlying reasons and how automotive manufacturers and suppliers can calculate their product costs reliably and quickly in a networked and data-driven production environment.


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    Katharina Gador

    Content Marketing & PR Manager


    Sales Director | FACTON