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For proactive calculation, simulation and optimization along the entire product lifecycle in controlling.


Design-to-Cost, Target Costing, Investment Appraisals

FACTON EPC Cost Controlling is designed so that calculating, simulating, analyzing and optimizing costs leads to profitable growth in all business areas — and that all business units pull together when costing. FACTON EPC Cost Controlling not only supports the more conventional methods of design-to-cost, target costing, and investment appraisal, but also caters to the comparison and evaluation of various technical solutions, version comparisons, and global data maintenance decisions that assist controllers in their job.

FACTON is specifically designed to assist the controlling processes. The EPC software enables companies to analyze and optimize their product costs efficiently and accurately across the entire lifecycle. 

Example: Accurate investment appraisals

For investment appraisals, FACTON EPC Cost Controlling provides all key indicators and figures necessary for the accurate calculation of the profitability of one or more projects, such as capital asset value, pay-back period, and return on investment. At the push of a button, the software produces overviews of all capital investments across the entire company, or for a particular item such as tools, including all relevant details on the use of the equipment. In addition, FACTON EPC can distribute and manage investment costs and reimbursements through the investment dialogue (project cockpit). For subsequent evaluation, users can produce standardized reports or previews in PDF, Excel, or HTML format.

FACTON EPC Cost Controlling lifts controlling to a different level

Apart from conventional costing methods, FACTON EPC Cost Controlling offers controllers a range of advanced functions. Users can:

  • Compare cost appraisals of various technical solutions (without an engineering background).
  • Change and compare configurations as required.
  • View multiple project versions side-by-side for a detailed comparison.
FACTON EPC simplifies the management of large volumes of by updating it automatically, doing away with time-consuming manual input and copying. In addition, users have the option to change individual parameters.

Cost Controlling with FACTON EPC

Gain efficient cost controlling with FACTON EPC functions:

  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Investment appraisal
  • Costing over product lifecycle
  • Cost driver analysis
  • Capability maturity analysis
  • Simulation of exchange rates
  • Standardization of methods
  • Comparison of product locations

Calculating, Simulating, Analyzing and Optimizing - The FACTON EPC Functionalities


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