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Cost Controlling

Ensure profitable product lines and portfolios in Controlling


Ensure profitability

With FACTON EPC Cost Controlling, controlling teams ensure profitable product lines and product portfolios. The calculation platform simplifies portfolio analysis, accelerates target costing and supports dynamic investment calculation. The evaluation of technical solution alternatives, the creation of version comparisons, and mass data maintenance are significantly simplified with FACTON EPC.

FACTON has specifically been designed to assist the controlling processes. The EPC software enables companies to analyze and optimize product costs across the entire lifecycle in a most efficient and accurate manner. 

Accurate investment appraisals

The profitability of a project or several projects (multi-project) is reliably determined with FACTON EPC Cost Controlling using key figures such as net present values, payback period and return on investment. Overviews of total investments, including all individual where-used lists, can be created effortlessly. In addition, the distributions of investments and reimbursements are possible in a separate investment dialog (project cockpit). Comprehensive reporting supports the presentation of calculation results and key figures.

Value investment projects more quickly

Support strategic cost and investment planning

With FACTON EPC, controllers implement cost analysis and profitability analysis quickly and reliably:

  • Use results and KPIs in real time and across the product lifecycle.
  • Work with enterprise-wide data and real-time calculations
  • Adjust configurations at any time, map configuration alternatives, and compare.
  • Compare multiple project versions and compare more quickly using a consistent costing structure.
  • Simplify mass data maintenance and update data automatically

Cost Controlling with FACTON EPC

  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Investment appraisal
  • Costing over product life cycle
  • Cost driver analysis
  • Target costing
  • Capability maturity
  • Simulation of exchange rates
  • Standardization of calculation methods
  • Comparison of product locations

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