for proactive cost management across the entire company

The EPC Suite from FACTON has specifically been designed for costing, analyses and optimisation in all departments of a company, ensuring profitability and sustainable growth. By implementing FACTON EPC, businesses can ensure that all its divisions and departments work hand in hand when it comes to costing.

The EPC Suite from FACTON has been tried and tested in various industries, and generates added value in costing processes across all departments of the enterprise: 


  • Development and production (Solution "Design Costing")
  • Purchasing (Solution "Should Costing")
  • Sales (Solution "Quotation Costing")
  • Controlling (Solution "Cost Controlling)
  • Top-level management (Solution "Cost Analytics")


Given their separate priorities, each area applies its own view on cost management and defines its own criteria for calculation and optimisation – based on its tasks and the set internal targets. However, complete cost transparency can only be achieved with a 360-degree view across the entire lifecycle of a product. As the FACTON EPC Suite consolidates the data from all departments and provides shared standards, it enables companies to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach where data from all departments and areas are consolidated and uniform standards are applied. 


The FACTON EPC Suite has specifically been designed to assist companies in three core processes


1) Development and production-accompanying costing 

2) Purchased parts price analysis for purchasing departments 

3) Costing of tenders for sales departments


In the controlling department, FACTON EPC is primarily used to analyse and optimise costs. At top management level, the integrated reporting functions, including web reporting, come to the fore as reports form the basis for well-founded business decisions.