FACTON EPC Quotation Costing for sales

Optimising tenders and securing profits from contracts

To successfully compete in complex tendering processes that often invite submissions from companies all over the globe, companies need tools that allow for consistent costing in order to determine product prices. The EPC solution from FACTON is the ideal tool here, enabling enterprises to make sustainable profits for healthy growth.

Offers need to be submitted within a short time, while all prices must be calculated accurately. With FACTON EPC Quotation Costing, companies can take into account various quantities and product versions, annual discounts, shares in costs, and quick savings.

Through the central database of the EPC solution, users responsible for tendering can access customer-specific previous tender submissions and negotiated terms. Response times in the tendering process can thus be kept extremely short. In the costing process, the relevant figures can be transferred easily into formats requested by the customer, known as cost breakdowns

This guarantees reliable and consistent pricing. By adopting this approach, companies have all the information they need to defend their prices. 


Responding to change requests without headaches

Change requests have become a common feature of business transactions. Sales departments must be able to respond promptly to change requests, submitting acceptable offers. In many cases, contracts are awarded to the tendering party that responds first. With FACTON EPC, existing cost calculations can easily be adapted to the new requests. The system automatically compiles a costing history so that users can at any time see which change caused which price adjustment. As a result, both costs and profits remain transparent, and companies are able to determine whether a specific project is still profitable after a change request by the customers.



Best Practice

The whitepaper "Offer Calculation - Challenges and Success Factors" explains how the EPC method can be used to quickly create both precise and comprehensible quotes that always focus on cost optimization.

Whitepaper: Offer Calculation