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Design to Cost

Optimize manufacturing costs from development & production


Managing product development costs profitably from the start

With EPC Design Costing, companies optimize their product costs from the very start of the development process. Early cost control is crucial for the profit margin, as up to 80 percent of later costs are determined in the development phase.

Evaluate costing maturity simultaneously with product maturity

With FACTON EPC, costs up to the start of production are calculated with increasing accuracy using a maturity model. Material and manufacturing costs, but also general product costs can be calculated within the framework of different calculation modes. From a rudimentary cost estimate to concrete supplier quotations, product costs can be displayed in the maturity model via the different modes and opportunities and risks can be evaluated accurately.

Discover the benefits of design costing

Standardize cost overview and accelerate coordination processes

Project engineers and cost engineers use the costing platform to calculate how decisions on material selection and manufacturing affect costs. Product development against target costs (design-to-cost) is accelerated by a standardized cost overview and fast coordination processes.

Integrated machine hourly rate calculation and the evaluation of technical solution options are further important functions of FACTON's EPC solution.

Design Costing with FACTON EPC

  • Product and project costing
  • Concept comparison
  • Design to cost
  • Target-actual comparison
  • Target costing
  • Interfaces to third-party systems (e.g., PTC Windchill, PLM systems)

Calculating, Simulating, Analyzing and Optimizing -
FACTON EPC Functionalities at a Glance


White paper: Design Costing

Learn more about cost management in development and design engineering.

White paper: Design Costing

Case Study with Hauni Maschinenbau

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Case Study with Hauni Maschinenbau

Webinar Recording: Design to Cost

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