the reliable basis for innovative cost management

The Software FACTON EPC Suite consolidates all costing figures and information available within a company in a single costing application. It thus ensures that all departments use the same master data for their costing, tenders, etc. The EPC software uses standardised costing methods and processes that promote a greater awareness and understanding of costs across the company. Based on the information contained in the EPC software, companies can adopt innovative product cost management methods.

Innovative product cost management ensures that all costings are not only complete, accurate and transparent, but also quickly compiled while covering the entire lifecycle of the product. Its single objective is the optimisation of product costs. This can, however, only be achieved with a consistent approach by all departments of the enterprise.


The FACTON EPC Suite closes the gap between PLM, ERP, and BI

In order to streamline and standardise their costing across the company, businesses need a powerful software solution. The FACTON EPC Suite is specifically designed to store, manage, and process the large volumes of data required for accurate costing. In the past, companies were often hampered in their efforts to manage their costing data in a consistent manner. While PLM, ERP, and BI solutions are in theory able to handle costing data; cost calculations in these programs tend to be cumbersome and time-consuming. In the end, a lot of time might have been wasted as the results are incomplete and thus not reliable. This is not surprising given that these tools have primarily been developed for very specific purposes. PLM software, for example, focuses on technical issues. While it is possible to enter cost-related data, these systems can normally only add up the individual costs. ERP systems are designed to manage transactions and thus tend to focus on the historical data. Future parameters that are highly relevant for costing are thus not taken into account.


FACTON EPC Suite: First comprehensive costing software in the market

The EPC Suite from FACTON has specifically been devised for costing tasks, and compiles all cost-related information available within the company in a single, user-friendly costing application. Costs are calculated by means of standardised methods and processes that ensure transparency and traceability. The FACTON EPC Suite provides users with customised views for their tasks: the software is the first solution that allows for comparisons of multiple project cost schedules, and projected and actual series production costs. Product costs can be broken down into their individual components in a user-friendly and efficient manner.


Best Practice

Read the whitepaper "Active Cost Management with Enterprise Product Costing" to learn more about the EPC cost management method, which can be ideally implemented with FACTON Software.

Whitepaper: Active Cost Management