fast, transparent and fully traceable tender calculation

FACTON EPC enables companies to prepare their proposals efficiently and with full transparency. Cost transparency is not only a prerequisite for accurate offers and good corporate management, it also enables businesses to justify their prices with detailed figures and facts in front of potential buyers.

The preparation of proper proposals is a critical process in any business. In a global market that is focused on prices and quick savings, companies who have instant access to valid costing data on which they can base their offers have a competitive edge: thanks to its centralised data pool, FACTON EPC ensures that all relevant information is readily available so that proposals and tenders can be drawn up and submitted more quickly – which might just be what it takes to get the contract. By using the EPC software, companies can ensure that their offers are accurate, even if they have to be drafted under time pressure. At all times, they can rest assured that the figures behind their tenders are consistent and accurate.

Transparency for change requests

Change requests by customers are a common feature in today's business – even during the tendering stage. Companies must therefore be in a position to respond to such requests in the shortest of time and without losing track of the submitted prices and internal cost calculations. FACTON EPC therefore tracks all changes in the cost calculations and offers, and saves them in different versions. Companies can therefore determine any time whether the project is still profitable even after all change requests have been incorporated.

Credible offers

As the tender submission process is streamlined by using FACTON EPC, the risk of contradictory offers is minimised. If there were previous contracts with the same customer, the applicable terms and conditions can easily be called up and evaluated. If prices need to be adjusted due to changed circumstances (different exchange rates, higher material prices, etc.), FACTON EPC ensures that all adjustments can be fully traced – by both the tendering party and the customer.

As more and more companies are adopting open book accounting, such a high level of transparency has become a must. With FACTON EPC, the internal costing figures can be quickly transferred to an external cost breakdown for the customer. As all the relevant figures are available at the push of a button, cost breakdown forms can be completed quickly and without cumbersome manual calculations.