Proactive cost and profit management across the entire product lifecycle

With FACTON EPC, companies can track and monitor their product and project costs across the entire product lifecycle. Cost drivers can be identified at an early stage so that costs and returns can be optimised, ensuring profitability along all product phases.

In a time where product lifecycles have become shorter while development and after-sales service are more costly, effective cost management needs to take into account the entire lifecycle of a product. FACTON EPC caters for seamless cost tracking across all phases of the product lifecycle. Changes in product costs are documented so that they can be reviewed at any time. Comparisons between the envisaged and the actual costs allow for in-depth analyses and subsequent optimisation.

Complete control of all costs starting at development

Up to 80 per cent of all costs are actually determined by decisions taken during the development phase. It is therefore crucial that products and projects are evaluated as regards their commercial viability as early as possible in the development stage. At this point, potential costs drivers can be identified and possible alternatives can be developed, if the need arises. Sustainable growth and profitability can only be achieved with long-term thinking. For products, this means that the costs must be controlled from the moment of conception to time of disposal. 

Comprehensive range of simulation tools for the comparison of different scenarios

The EPC software allows for the simulation of various scenarios, taking into account the time of investment, fluctuating sales quantities year on year, and changes in commodity prices. All this information can then be combined and applied in models. These models thus contain all key costing figures of a project, from the initial conception to the phase-out stage, and enable companies to assess whether a project will be profitable or at least break even. Costs are made transparent for all parties concerned and at any stage of the project. 


The costing data stored in FACTON EPC can be used to perform a range of simulation runs in order to compare different scenarios:


  • Sales and quantity planning
  • Revenue and cost trends (share in costs)
  • Project and portfolio analyses (with drag & drop)
  • Early cost estimates as part of PEP, well in advance of SOP
  • Simulations

Meaningful reporting at any stage

The reporting functions of the software return reliable capital investment figures of individual projects, product series, or entire portfolios. Web reporting allows for fast access to all key costing figures at any time. 

Standardisation facilitates comparability

Standardised costing methods ensure that all figures can be compared one to one. FACTON EPC therefore enables companies to compare various costing statuses of a product. In addition, the costs of various products can be compared at any time – looking back and forward.

As a cross-company tool, FACTON EPC provides this information and functionality to all departments of the enterprise, so that product cost calculations can be performed quickly and with the necessary flexibility in a most transparent manner. FACTON EPC brings together information from multiple sources for proper consolidation.