provides the figures for accurate turnover and cost planning for new business

Cost and turnover planning are methods to determine future turnovers and cost structures with the highest possible accuracy. In companies that do not operate an EPC system, the information for such calculations needs to be retrieved from various different departments and desks, which is not only time-consuming but also costly and prone to errors. Acting as the centralised costing system of the company, FACTON EPC provides all information required for turnover and cost planning at the push of a button.

For proper cost and turnover planning, future sales and cost structures must be predicted as accurately as possible – both bottom-up and top-down. In order to organise the underlying data, companies often distinguish between the planning of an existing series production contract, already received orders, and orders that are not yet confirmed. The planning figures for a series production contract are obviously the most accurate ones, as most of the information is already stored in the ERP system. The planning of future business transactions is, however, more difficult, as the relevant figures are normally only available in spreadsheet format and various versions stored on multiple workstations within the company. Without a powerful costing tool, the data might even have to be generated from scratch, which it obviously very time-consuming.

FACTON EPC acting as a centralised data repository

As the centralised costing system for products and projects, FACTON EPC already includes even cost structures and costing results that are not available in the ERP systems. These cost calculations are classified in FACTON EPC for later analysis and evaluation. For long-term planning purposes, projects for which there are no costing figures available yet can be included by using placeholders. These placeholders might be copied and pasted from already costed projects.

Data consolidation in FACTON EPC

The centralised data base of FACTON EPC provides all relevant data for cost and turnover planning. Alternatively, the information for business planning can be consolidated with FACTON web reporting (link reporting) or through existing BI solutions. This approach significantly reduces the time necessary for the collection of the data. Apart from saving time, companies benefit from better data quality. Thanks to the central database, the data in FACTON EPC is always up to date and consistent.