Transparent calculation of cycle times and manufacturing process costs

by means of integrated cycle time calculators

In order to assess the costs of manufactured parts with the necessary accuracy, companies need not only reliable price information but also facts and figures regarding their production processes and cycle times. In FACTON EPC, these calculations are made in the technology mode of the software. The integrated cycle time calculators allow for the measurement of the time required by the various production processes, and take into account all directly related additional costs.

Proper calculations of product costs include a variety of cost elements that must be individually weighed and evaluated. Cost factors such as auxiliary processes (development, packaging, logistics, etc.) depend greatly on the nature of the product, as is the case for production processes (forming, chip cutting, surface machining, etc.). These cost elements cannot be set up as standard records but must be determined individually for each product. A different approach must be taken for purchased parts (e.g. bolts and nuts), as their price does not depend on the finished product. For such cost items, benchmarks and offer prices are taken into account for costing.


Evaluation of production processes with FACTON EPC 

The integrated cycle time calculator that forms part of the technology mode of FACTON EPC enables users to evaluate product-specific cost elements speedily, yet in great detail. For the first time, people without technical training can perform accurate cost calculations that take into account the cycle times of production processes as well as the costs associated with bespoke cost items


The process time is calculated on the basis of a number of simple process parameters (e.g. geometries, materials, etc.). In order to achieve general figures for production processes, a number of mathematical and parameter-based calculation methods are preset in the software. 


For users who only have limited knowledge of the actual manufacturing processes, the program offers comprehensive descriptions of the calculations and the relevant assumptions written in clear, straight-forward language. Technical experts have the option to edit and amend assumptions and calculation methods in expert mode. 


Customising cycle time calculators to suit operator

The number and scope of the built-in cycle time calculators is continuously being extended and updated by FACTON. In addition, users have the option to integrate their own cycle time calculators into the EPC system. By customising the standard software in the above manner, it can be adapted to incorporate the production and process know-how available within the company so that this knowledge is not lost down the line. Costing rules can be made available to all users to ensure that all colleagues working with the system can benefit from specialist knowledge.