relocation decisions based on detailed production plant comparisons

Whether a relocation of production will actually result in lower costs must be examined in the overall context of long-term commercial profitability. FACTON EPC allows for detailed comparisons of multiple locations that form the basis of sound business decisions.

Relocation of production is often an effective way of optimising costs. The costs arising in connection with the actual relocation process must, however, be correctly assessed in advance. In many cases, decisions are taken without due consideration of the actual relocation expenses, the costs arising in connection with the discontinuation and start-up of production and quality assurance costs. With FACTON EPC, all these factors can be correctly accounted for. As a result, the actual relocation proposal can be evaluated in a realistic and transparent manner, as advantages and disadvantages will come to the fore. 


This approach ensures that decisions regarding the relocation of production are based on sound facts.