Standardised ad-hoc reporting with FACTON EPC

FACTON EPC comes with an internal and external report generator catering for standardised and meaningful reports. Detailed analyses can be viewed directly in FACTON EPC, while management is given access to the powerful FACTON reporting system through SharePoint or the intranet.

In order to track product costs, you need ad-hoc information on the latest costing figures. This information is crucial for company managers who wish to make fact-based decisions.

Fast availability, well-balanced complexity and standardised representation are the key features of useful reports, which come as standard with FACTON EPC.

Efficient reporting at various levels

By managing their cost calculations in FACTON EPC, companies have access to detailed reports as well as global analyses. All reports are based on the latest costing figures stored in the centralised database. Through reports, live data as well as other versions (historical data) can be analysed in a number of ways:


  • Cost structure and cost driver analyses
  • Project analyses
  • Multiple-project analyses
  • Exchange rate analyses
  • Risk evaluations and scenario projections
  • Profitability calculations
  • Change tracking
  • Right-based function reports


Reporting with FACTON EPC eliminates system discontinuity and reduces costs

FACTON EPC comes with a built-in report generator that offers a comprehensive range of configuration options. Users with the necessary authorisation can analyse data in real time. The reports are available in various output formats, such as .pdf and .xls.

Apart from the internal reporting tool, you might want to make use of FACTON Web Reporting. FACTON Web Reporting enables users without direct access to FACTON EPC to view reports through SharePoint or the intranet. This powerful tool can be used without any need for special training. FACTON Web Reporting is the level at which comprehensive reports based on costings of tenders of the company are generated. Using FACTON Web Reporting, you can, for example, compile information on turnover and profit trends by customer, product group, or region.


FACTON EPC is compatible with most standard BI tools for reporting.