The essential tool for optimised product cost calculations across a product's lifecycle

FACTON EPC Suite is a user-friendly software product featuring several interfaces for easy integration into existing IT environments. As the program can be used by multiple users at the same time, it is particularly suitable for operation within large, global IT systems. Reporting functions and benchmark data assist companies in the performance of calculations and the analysis and optimisation of their business figures and transactions.

High scalability makes the FACTON EPC Suite the ideal software for integration into large-scale, global IT systems. A number of interfaces for PLM and ERP systems cater for easy and seamless integration into existing IT environments.


FACTON EPC Suite – a Microsoft .NET application

FACTON EPC runs on Microsoft .NET Framework. FACTON thus uses modern UI standards and ensures standardised, fast client-server communication. Furthermore, FACTON EPC uses components of .NET Framework, which significantly enhance the performance of the program when run on multi-processor systems.


Certain calculation data can be exported to a Microsoft SQL server, or to an Oracle database for further processing in third-party applications. Reporting solutions such as MS SQL Server Reporting Services or SAP NetWeaver are able to use the data retrieved from FACTON EPC in order to make it available in portals such as MS SharePoint.


Well-designed user interface and powerful reporting options

The user interface of FACTON EPC consists of modern panels designed for easy navigation between projects, the structural tree (bills of material), the project indicators, and the calculation sheet. Workspaces and list styles allow for roll-based workstations, which means that users are only provided with the information they actually need to perform their tasks.


Among the key features of the FACTON EPC Suite are the powerful reporting functions. Reports enable users to identify relationships, correlations, and trends. They provide management with important information for business decisions. With the FACTON EPC Suite, analyses and forecasts can be produced at the push of a button. Its drill-down and dynamic filter functions allow users to examine the data at any chosen level of detail. Crucial calculation data such as product costs and key indicators can be called up and viewed in a standard web browser window.


Integrated benchmark data for accurate comparisons

The FACTON EPC Suite is the only calculation application that offers global benchmark data. This external information is compiled and managed in FACTON EPC Content and includes data on:

    • Geographical locations
    • Overheads
    • Charges
    • Materials
    • Machines
    • Purchased parts