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    Proactive cost management in mechanical engineering


    Enterprise-wide product cost management starting from lot size 1

    Efficient product cost management – with the aim of reducing product costs – is a key success factor in mechanical engineering. FACTON EPC creates clear, robust and comprehensible calculations that help enterprises win and retain new business.

    Case Study: Hauni reliably calculates its product costs

    Mechanical engineering and plant construction companies are all too familiar with the challenge of “lot size 1”. In order to generate cost advantages in spite of the challenges created by small batch production, the industry is focusing on the trend of modularization: Functional components that can be assembled over and over again to meet new customer or country-specific design requirements make it possible to produce series with higher repetition rates while cutting process costs. Further advantages include higher purchasing volumes, lower purchase prices, reduced one-time costs and a higher percentage of identical parts. FACTON EPC helps businesses add value in a cost-effective way while promoting a modern understanding of costs.

    The evaluation of alternative locations, production processes or suppliers can only be based on a transparent and readily available cost view. At every stage of product development from the first idea to the series comprehensible cost information must be available.

    FACTON EPC enables efficient, transparent and targeted calculation and cost analysis.

    All known, cost-related information is consolidated into a central, enterprise-wide database. FACTON EPC Content helps cost accountants, cost engineers, value analysts and product and manufacturing cost controllers in the mechanical engineering and plant construction industry by providing them with a comprehensive standard parts database along with global cost information for analyzing and costing new purchased and production parts. This includes material prices, location-specific machine data, wage and salary data and industry and company-specific overhead costs for over 2,000 regions worldwide.

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    Case Study: Bühler Motor

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