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    More effective costing processes in the aerospace industry


    The production of conduit systems and structural elements is linked to fluctuations in raw material or production costs. In order to react faster, cost transparency was crucial for PFW Aerospace.

    “We were able to significantly expand our menu of costing options. Now we cover the entire spectrum from design costing to final costing.” - Peter Baumann, PFW Aerospace

    PFW Aerospace performs about 500 calculations per year. The advantages in an overview:

    • Covering the entire spectrum from design costing to final costing.
    • Automation of a variety of calculations, including the area of one-time costs.
    • Decreasing the use of resources despite increased demands.

    PFW Aerospace has successfully extended its system landscape with a costing solution. To access the free case study, submit the form on this page. The PDF will then open in your browser.


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