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Calculating project and product costs

Optimize cost management - nine steps to successfully select an EPC solution


Step-by-Step to cost-based enterprise management 

Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) solutions provide your company a consistent view of your product costs so that they can be analyzed, controlled and optimized in a targeted manner. 

Our checklist will show you how to select a suitable EPC solution in nine steps, from project approval to selecting the right partner.

Software selection: clarify key questions in advance

The decision to implement a holistic, enterprise-wide costing solution puts previous costing structures and workflows to the test.

Several key issues must be resolved first...

  • What challenges need to be overcome?
  • What software systems and providers are on the market?
  • Which cost management software will be used to achieve the objectives?

Too much time and effort are required to select the right solution, so careful preparation of the project is necessary in order to minimize risks and failures.

To access the free checklist, please complete and submit the form on this page. The PDF will then open in your browser.



Katharina Gador

Manager Marketing & Product Management


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